September 07, 2020

To Dance, as to Live

I had a New Year's resolution to resume learning how to ballroom dance, then Satan himself intervened with a shutdown that ended most of our social life.

Well, if I can't do it, I can write about it. Here's an excerpt from Sex: What Your Parents Didn't Tell You, published in 2014:

Whether it’s the swing, the waltz, or the two-step, what’s most important is that the partners are touching and in sync. They know where to go, what to do next. This connection allows them to enjoy the moment as one. They even look like one, because functionally, they are.

The man leads. He chooses the steps, but only in a sequence that she can follow. And the woman follows; she finds his lead natural, comforting, and protective. It has to be, because he’s leading her in directions she cannot see.

If either one withholds, the dance fails. So it is with the sexual encounter.

But if they relinquish their own wills, the pair can combine for an all-too-brief moment of glory demonstrating the beauty of human procreation: two complementary and opposite sexes united in forming a third, one greater than themselves, an immortality. 1+1=3.


It’s the closest we will ever get to knowing how it feels to be God.

I didn't know at the time how prescient that metaphor would turn out to be.

In 2015, I started reading Dr. Robert Glover's No More Mr. Nice Guy. I bought many of his podcasts, including one that encouraged men to take the lead in relationships. He pushed the idea by reminding/educating his listeners that in formal dance, men always lead, and women like it that way. I kinda knew this.

And so it goes in other parts of life, from the first meet through the domestic arrangements.

The women who show up for dance class know this. And now that I'm back on the market, that's the kind of girl I want to meet. Wish me luck?

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